21. September 2015


The FTC has prohibited the sale of Vemma drinks in the US because its Marketingplan is accused as Snowball Scheme. Please read : https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2015/08/ftc-acts-halt-vemma-alleged-pyramid-scheme
01. Oktober 2013

Relaxation for Email Advertising – September 2013

Under competition law aspects, where certain requirements are fulfilled email advertising targeted at existing customers may be admissible even without the customers’ consent. Under data privacy aspects, this has been decided differently up to now.…
20. September 2013

Countdown Auctions are Illegal in Germany - May 2013

The German Higher Administrative Court in Baden-Württemberg found in its decision of 23 May 2013, file no. 6 S 88/13, that countdown auctions are inadmissible as illegal gambling. Actually, this decision has Germany-wide effect.
25. Juni 2013

New Revocation Rules for the Directselling Industry based on the EU-Consumer Protection Directive

The German Government is obligated to implement the new rules until December 13th. 2013 The new consumer protection law becomes valid for contracts concluded after June 13th 2014. Summary of new provisions: Withdrawel period is…
03. August 2012

Germany has to adapt its rules regarding withdrawal right for consumers in door-to-door contracts

21.06.2012. The European Commission has given Germany two months to comply with European Union rules protecting consumers in door-to-door contracts According to the opinion of the EU Commission, Germany adds in its legislation a requirement…
27. Juli 2012

Act for a better consumer protection against cost traps in the internet

The modification of Art 246 of the Introductory Act to the Civil Code (EGBGB) will become effective on the 1st. of August 2012. According to this, commercial sellers offering products to final customers via internet,…
20. April 2012

OLG Frankfurt decided on 12th May, 2011 on the legality of a MLM-Compensation Plan

    For the consideration of the legality of a compensation plan of a MLM Company, the Court took into account the whole compensation plan as a unity, instead of checking its individual components. The…
15. März 2012

Belgian Court Decision against snowball scheme

(Brussels, 28 November, 2011. Multilevel Marketing (MLM)-Company was adjudged by the Commercial Court in Belgium (A.R. 2004/7787) due to a prohibited snowball scheme.     The Brussels Commercial Court has found a MLM-Company responsible for promoting…
10. Dezember 2011

Proposal for a modification of the German Consumer Information Act

Juli 2011- With the proposed bill from the German Federal Cabinet, the current compulsory information for consumers could be extended to almost all technical consumer products. The potential risks for the traders/producers are described as…