Viernes, 27 Julio 2012 08:53

Act for a better consumer protection against cost traps in the internet

The modification of Art 246 of the Introductory Act to the Civil Code (EGBGB) will become effective on the 1st. of August 2012. According to this, commercial sellers offering products to final customers via internet, will be obliged to provide the following information in any highlighted form and just before the customer sends out his order:

-              the main features of the ordered products or services,

-              the total price of the order (including all taxes and shipping costs),

-              the minimum term of the contract, in case of continuing or permanent obligations.

Moreover, before the customer sends out his order, he has to be explicitly advised that he is liable to pay costs. For this purpose, the Act proposes to use the words “order by payment” (zahlungspflichtige Bestellung) or another similar formulation in the order-button. If this obligation is not fulfilled, it is considered that the purchase contract does not come into effect.