Tuesday, 25 June 2013 08:21

New Revocation Rules for the Directselling Industry based on the EU-Consumer Protection Directive

The German Government is obligated to implement the new rules until December 13th. 2013
The new consumer protection law becomes valid for contracts concluded after June 13th 2014.

Summary of new provisions:

Withdrawel period is standardized to 14 days
Withdrawel period is limited to 12 months if no correct explanation was delivered
Withdrawel is permitted also in case of solicited distributor visits.
Witdrawel period starts with the receive of goods
Withdravel period is extended to online auctions
Withdrawel has to be explained by an explicit statement.
Standardizes form can be used
Withdrawel by phone will be possible
Shipping fees for return of goods have to be paid by consumers
Goods and price have to be returned within 14 days.
Exemption from withdrawel in case of broken seals due to hygenic reasons."